About Autodesk Innovation

Innovation is important to Autodesk’s 20 million global customers, who are the world’s designers, architects, engineers, makers, and digital artists.

They create the buildings and bridges; machines, cars, and consumer products; and films, TV shows, and games we see all around us, and for most of them, innovation is essential if they are to survive and thrive in those very competitive industries.

Innovation is also important to Autodesk, per se, because if we’re going to be providing an evolving toolset for these innovative folks, we also need to be innovative, ourselves.

So that’s why we have a team at Autodesk dedicated to all things innovation.

We are responsible for researching innovation, sparking good conversations about the topic, engaging customers about innovation, codifying next practices, and developing and delivering techniques and methodologies to help people become more innovative.

If you’ve reached this page, chances are you’re interested in innovation, too, and if that’s true, we hope you enjoy browsing around the site and exploring the resources we’ve assembled here.

And if you’d like to engage with us on the exciting topic of innovation, just shoot us an email at innovation@autodesk.com, and we’ll find a way to connect.

Thanks, Cheers, Bill O’Connor, Autodesk Innovation Strategist

Innovation at Autodesk Resources

Toolset, Skillset, Mindset: The Three Essential Elements of Innovation

Jon Pittman and Bill O’Connor explain in an Autodesk Whitepaper their triptych framework for becoming more innovation driven.