• Provocative Questions: The HIVE

“What if? What if? What if?” That’s the question that drives every scientific discovery and every technological innovation.
Provocative Questions is a series of videos featuring current projects from the Autodesk Office of the CTO from robotics, to generative design, and even the internet of things. Get a behind-the-scenes peek into these efforts with key researchers in each area.

The Hive was designed and constructed over the course of 3 days by a collaboration of robotics and Autodesk University attendees to create an architectural structure with computer controlled LEDs. The project was designed by the Office the CTO (OCTO) including Maurice Conti, Evan Atherton, Heather Kerrick, David Thomasson, and several others including members of Autodesk Research.

Hive is an architectural scale pavilion designed and built through human and robot collaboration during three days, with participation from attendees at Autodesk University 2015. This multi-disciplinary project explores future-of-design themes such as: emergent design, wearables, internet of things, human-robot interaction, and interactive indoor positioning systems.

Some of the big goals were to:

  • Demonstrate an alternative to the “robots will take our jobs” narrative by getting humans and robots to work together to build something that could not be done by either species alone.
  • Use naturally varying bamboo to explore how well computation and the robot arms can handle variation and uncertainty (instead of doing the same exact movement over and over like typical factories).
  • Use more user-friendly interfaces so that people without experience with robotics or coding can participate and control the robots.