• The Future of Making Things Workshop

The Future of Making Things Workshop is a powerful and energetic approach for leadership teams to design their future. Combining expert facilitation, large format visualization, rapid prototyping and collaborative decision-making, Future of Making Things Workshops foster clarity, engagement, and alignment.

There are five steps to chart your own course in the future of making:

Virtually every industry is becoming computable. Digital sensing tools are creating vast amounts of data. Design, engineering, and production software is applying machine learning, greatly extending human capabilities. And complex robotics is automating the process of fabrication. Together, these technologies, among others, create enormous implications and will force creative professionals to rethink how they tackle their industry challenges.

The Future of Making Things workshop brings together Autodesk’s broad industry perspectives with your business expertise to chart where you are and where you want to go. Using wall-sized panoramic diagrams, they illustrate vital strategic and tactical conversations, showing how to win and key steps to success.

Participants work together to produce a sweeping panoramic systems-model of their business, viewing their organization through a variety of focal settings. This comprehensive visualization creates a comprehensive framework for discussion, analysis, synthesis, decision-making and action, enabling participants to see and work with strategic and tactical elements simultaneously.

Autodesk Future of Making Things workshops consistently produces dramatic outcomes. When teams participate fully in creating detailed frameworks of their business, ensuring each participant’s ideas are incorporated into the collective models, they work to the top of their intelligence and integrity.

Future of Making Workshops are available to select Autodesk customers. To learn more and connect, either connect with your Autodesk Account Executive or contact fomtworkshops@autodesk.com.